Washington, DC NEDA Walk

Sarah's Squad

This team is dedicated to my sister, Sarah.

When I share Sarah's story with others, I always keep two NEDA’s taglines in mind -- It’s Time to Talk About It and Everyone Knows Someone. Awareness and treatment have come a long way since Sarah was sick. However, there are still 30 million people with eating disorders and half a million people are dying from them so I'm going to keep talking. 

At every presentation I give at schools, I ask students to stand if they know someone or think they might know someone who is struggling.

Over half the room stands.

Every time.

I am happy, in these moments, to be able to connect people with the resources that NEDA provides. 

When Sarah was struggling with her eating disorder 20 years ago, there was no NEDA, no Google, no Proud2BeMe.com and families were not included in treatment. After Sarah died, I looked for a way to put all my love and energy into something good that would help others who struggled with an eating disorder. It took a few years but in 2011 I found out there was going to be a DC NEDA Walk. I knew I had, literally, found my path.

The NEDA Walk is just the type of thing Sarah would have loved to organize. In that spirit, we are walking for her. On February 28, Sarah would have turned 33. Join us in celebrating her life and helping those struggling with eating disorders by supporting Sarah's Squad!

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