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My Daughter and I
My Daughter and I

Scarlett's Grace

Firstly, Thank you for visiting my team fundraising page.

My name is Jessi Davin, and I have been battling anorexia nervosa for 9 years.

You may know me as the woman who wrote about the horrific "Anna Rexia" costume and why eating disorders are nothing to joke about.

This was never something I planned on doing growing up, nor something I strived to. Had I known that my "weight loss journey" I started before college would turn into a full-blown eating disorder, I would have never questioned my body and it's appearance.

What started out as an external battle with the scale turned into an internal battle of control, coping with trauma, and consumed all of my time. I became a shell of the person I once was, and became horrificaly thin and malnourished. I was knocking on death's door and waiting for an answer.

The moment I first realized I needed help - I was standing in front of the mirror, looking at my horrific skeletal appearance, and just crying. I knew I was dying. I knew this would kill me. But I couldn't do anything to stop it. I was out of control - when that's what I wanted to badly in the first place. I had no idea where to turn.

But then - I found out you could get treatment! I would be able to fight. I ended up being inpatient for my eating disorder for over a year, until my insurance company decided I was better and dropped me. I quickly relapsed and went back into inpatient treatment, where I was able to slowly step down to lower levels of care and eventually find recovery. I stayed there for 4 years. Living life to the fullest.

In recovery, I found love. I got married and the day of our first wedding anniversary, we found out we were pregnant. We were elated. Over the moon. This was a dream come true for myself and my husband. It was something I had wanted my entire adult life, to get pregnant and become a mother. And finally. It was happening.

Then, I developed severe morning sickness. I have an intense dislike and hate for vomiting, so I began to avoid food in order to keep myelf from getting sick. And just like that, after four years in recovery and even another life growing inside me, the eating disorder clawed on to my vulnerability, and I relapsed. I relapsed while pregnant.

My case was VERY different. I found that no one really knew how to treat anorexia during pregnancy. Not much research had been done. I entered a Day Program here in Orlando, but because of the complications of my case, I quickly grew worse. That's when Denver ACUTE was my only option. But there, even the world's top hospital for Eating Disorders, were seeking information from experts around th US and around the globe to help manage my case. I ended up being at ACUTE for around 12 weeks total, then discharging to the Eating Recovery Center of Denver's Inpatient program, where I was discharged the day after Thanksgiving.

About a week later, I went into preterm labor spontaneously, and delivered at 34 weeks and 2 days. A four pound, small but otherwise incredibly beautiful little girl named Scarlett Grace was born on December 4th, 2015, and after a three-week stay in the NICU, she came home with us on Christmas Eve, and has been growing and thriving ever since.

I still battle to this day. Every day brings it's challenges both as a mother and as a woman in recovery.

If there is one thing my journey has taught me, it's that more research need's to be done regarding eating disorders and pregnancy. This should not be a taboo topic. I can't tell you the amount of messages I get from pregnant woman who are struggling, but too afraid to do anything about it for fear of judgement and shame. This is NOT OKAY!

We need to raise awareness that pregnancy can trigger disordered thoughts and relapse. The key to fighting this is early intervention and prevention. My cause, Scarlett's Grace, named after my daughter, is to raise money to help fund research for eating disorders during pregnancy. So that other woman may experience the joy of parenthood after an eating disorder.

Let's fight the good fight. For our children. For our children's children. For everyone.

Did you know that 30 million men and women will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetimes? This is one of the many reasons that we are coming together to participate in a NEDA Walk to benefit the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)!

NEDA is a nonprofit organization that provides lifesaving programs and services to individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA is dedicated to erasing the stigma surrounding eating disorders, promoting positive body image and discouraging dangerous diet behaviors.

We are asking for your support to help reach our team fundraising goal. Donating to our fundraising page is a way for you to not only show your support for us, but also to show your support for the millions of individuals and families affected by eating disorders.

Since 2009, NEDA Walks have been bringing communities together nationwide in the fight against eating disorders. NEDA Walks raise funds for NEDA’s lifesaving programs that help thousands of people every day!

Your contribution will help fund NEDA’s national Helpline, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, NEDA Navigators and countless other lifesaving programs.

Any amount you can contribute will make a difference in the fight against eating disorders. With your help, we are one step closer to our fundraising goal.

Thank you so much for your support! You can also help by forwarding this page to anyone you think might want to support the cause with us!

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