Boston, MA NEDA Walk

Recovery is worth it.
Recovery is worth it.

Eat it to Beat it

Hey everyone!

My friends and I started this team because we are all either still struggling or are in recovery from eating disorders. Since them our team has grown and I'm so glad!

Welcome to the Eat it To Beat It NEDA walk page. This is team composed of survivors, fighters and supporters. We all are coming together to say NO to ED and to push awarness and understanding and support around the eating disorder community. We encourage you to join us, donate as much as you can and raise as much as you can!

So many people, men, women and childen suffer from eating disoders across the country. Our hope with raising money with this walk is to provide support and more awareness so that those who do suffer can have an easier timme getting treatment or access to informaiton to help them along their journey. Proceeds of this walk go to helping surviviors, supporters and fighters get the help they need to kick their eating disorders to the curb.

I hope you join our team and that I can meet you on May 20th!

Walk Venue: Newton North High School
Walk Location: 457 Walnut St
Walk Date: Sunday, May 20, 2018
Check In Time: 9am
Opening Ceremony: 10am
Walk End Time: 11:30am

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