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This page is dedicated to Keagan Belle Isle who lost his battle from suicide, depression, and anorexia in early april of 2017. Keagan was an extraordinary person who had so much love in his heart for others. It breaks my heart just thinking of how much he endured. I made this page in honor of him. I met Keagan at Veritas Collaborative in December of 2016. It was a lowpoint in my life yet I am so greatful that I was there to recieve treatment for a deadly eating disorder that sole purpose was to kill me. Eating Disorders are no fun and are not a joke. They come in all shapes and sizes. Men and women. Boys and Girls. Theres a common misconception that eating disorders are a choice. Wrong. Eating disorders are not a choice, they are a serious complex mental illness. One in Five Americans struggle with a mental illness. Its time to fight against mental illness. Its time to take action. By donating to Team BeKe, you help and raise awanerness for eating disorders in keagans honor.

Keagans code name was BeKe, (the first two letters of his last name and the first two letters of his first name). Keagan always got a laugh out of his code name because it was pronounced Becky. A fun fact about Keagan is that his was a knitting god! He could knit faster than I have ever seen somebody knit before. He truly was extraordinary. If I even looked upset, Keagan was the first to respond and help me in anyway that he could. I remember one day in particular where I was having high urges and Keagan and I were standing in line for weights. I told him how guilty I felt that morning, how I had a rough night and that I was struggling. He quickly chimed in telling me that "no one deserves a mental illness." Those words have really sticked to me. I dont know where Im going with this. I want everyone to know how remarkable Keagan was. Such a pure soul he had.

A little bit about me, my name is Lizzy Collinson. My code name is E. CoLi (I like to put an E in front of it for laughs). Im a DBT enthusiast. Im an unicorn lover. I have a plush ty duck names stucky who I adore. I have spent the last 15 months in and out of treatment centers. I am determined to stay out of treatment this time. The eating disorder followed by anxiety and depression has taken SO much away from me and its not okay. Im tired of putting my life on pause only to feed the eating disorder more. So here I am making a commitment to myself and others. I can do this. You can do this. Recovery is wonderful and I choice im so greatful I choose everyday.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. All the proceeds will go to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA)

NEDA is a nonprofit organization that provides lifesaving programs and services to individuals and families affected by eating disorders. NEDA is dedicated to erasing the stigma surrounding eating disorders, promoting positive body image and discouraging dangerous diet behaviors.

I am asking for your support to help me reach my fundraising goal. Donating to my fundraising page is a way for you to not only show your support for me, but also to show your support for the millions of individuals and families affected by eating disorders.

Your contribution will help fund NEDA’s national Helpline, National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, NEDA Navigators and countless other lifesaving programs.

Thank you so much for your support! You can also help by forwarding my page to anyone you think might want to support the cause with us!

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