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Saturday Morning Pancakes

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Hey y’all!!! 

Thank you so much for considering NEDA and more specifically, the Saturday Morning Pancakes, worth checking out. We’re a team of survivors and supporters doing our very best to raise money for an organization that has spearheaded outreach and awareness for eating disorders that have unfortunately plagued our lives... but it’s not just us.

Approximately 30 million men and women will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetimes. That’s just under 10% of the US population, for reference. This is why we walk. NEDA provides a national hotline, online screening, support, and resources for those that may be struggling. We can’t walk alone.

I have had the absolute privilege of encountering so many genuine, loving souls on this journey of mine. It’s an excruciating fight, but the love of my peers has made it a bit more bearable. Connecting with these people has been absolutely life changing. We are all still fighting, because we believe full recovery is absolutely possible. 

“Saturday Morning Pancakes,” has been a dream of my dear friend throughout her treatment journey. One day, Sammy will have blueberry pancakes on a Saturday morning, without a care in the world, surrounded by people that love her. Her battle exceeds 18 years, but it's possible for her; it's possible for all of us.

Eating disorders are grossly normalized in our current society, and people continue to struggle each and every day. The toxicity of diet culture has made these disorders all the more pervasive. Still, too many people struggle in secret. At the end of the day, we can’t afford to struggle in secret. Our secrets keep us sick. This fundraiser is the best way I know how to be honest with the people that know me, with the people that love me, and even with people whom I’ve just met. I’m incredibly fortunate that my best friends are sharing this same commitment to honesty and transparency. 

Not many people have knowledge of eating disorders, especially because those that struggle are often shamed away from even talking about their disorder. We will not be shamed - we will be honest, we will be loud, and we will be unapologetically ourselves. Let’s talk.

Anything you can contribute, whether it’s a monetary donation, a Facebook share, or a thoughtful message to your loved ones, is very much appreciated. Please take care of yourselves, and please support us as we try to take care of ourselves. 

All of the love in the world.


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