Westchester, NY NEDA Walk 2022

Team Cozine - Walk with Grace

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Grace was smart, beautiful, loving, and a kind presence to all. She was a musician, fashion enthusiast, poet, writer, and an advocate for many causes such as animals and mental health. Grace struggled with disordered eating from the age of 12. She was fully committed to overcoming her disease and reaching full recovery. For more than 7 years, Grace bravely faced her illness and committed herself to doing whatever was necessary to “get better.” 

Grace was supported by a focused and fully committed group of doctors, nutritionists, therapists and nurses as well as a loving family and amazing community of friends and supporters. Along her journey, Grace met a remarkable group of young women (and some men) who unfortunately were struggling with their own eating disorders. She connected with so many of these brave young people, providing them with support and encouragement and was as committed to their recovery as she was to her own.

Grace was fierce as she fought her eating disorder. She also believed that she and others could get better. As she wrote:

“Recovery does not just happen, but I can sincerely say that it IS possible. Never give up on the hope of recovery, because I PROMISE you it is possible. Life is meant to be lived not restricted.”

Grace’s journey makes clear just how complex and challenging eating disorders are and underscores the need for more research and support to help those impacted by this terrible condition. We want to bring much more awareness and support to a condition which will impact more than 30 million Americans during their lives which is why the Grace Holland Cozine Foundation is working to establish support programs that foster strength and wellbeing for young people at risk.  

In 2021, the foundation made a significant contribution to the eating disorders community by funding the Grace Holland Cozine Resource Library at NEDA.  The library will provide valuable information and updates for individuals and families navigating through their journey.  The funds raised at the Westchester County NEDA Walk with Grace will go directly to the Resource Library.   

Thank you so much for your support - it means so much to our family.

Dan, Patty, Biz and Sophie Cozine

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